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NEW CHANGES!! Sanguine Guild's Are Changing up the Game a bit, We Have been doing a lot of improvements in all areas of the Guilds since the merger. We improved our Guildbanking systems on both guilds to get the players covered in all areas of Crafting and gearing, New tabs for Artifact, Prototype, Premium Materials (Puple, Blue, Green) so leveling your crafting toons will no longer be a chore. We are Nearly complete on our Guildship impside 4 rooms left there, Pubside is 100%. Our Guild Layout is the same, we are now broadcasting our videos on the medias of the web. Any activity's in game, were there, helping the community. STILL NO RP at Sanguine Our rules for a healthy gaming environment are still in place, we are a little more LAX on the players comments, it is year 5 now. Every guild has the same rules. Be decent. Our Guild knows you have many toons and doesn't mind your alts in other guilds. When your in Sanguine, You are Sanguine as far as were concerned. Ranks Still By level and Time spent in guilds. We Promote by what you do, NOT WHAT OFF-SITE Programs you have or website registrations that time-bandit playing swtor. Our Media is there for you like Nintendo Power was in the 80's, Our Own Secret. Weapons. And. Tactics, Guides, Hints, Walkthroughs, Upcoming information, Guild Contacts, and much much more. We Search it down so you never have too, and Always will.

What Sets us apart from other guilds - We are Over 5 years in game, We Raid, We Conquest, We are all Friends at Sanguine. We are here to play and build our community up. We are here to help you in every aspect of play, Have the resources to get what you need, build your toons, and help you learn. Veterans in our guilds are here to get your endgame content. Ranked/Ops/Groups for PvE Worldside We are there. There is No Registration to apply, No Guild Dues, Required Meetings to attend, We do have Discord and use it often but WONT require you on there for in-game activity's or promotions.

Finding a Home for your toons can be frustrating, Our Environment is here for the players of SWTOR and suitable for the family and any friends or co-wokers, or neighbors you would like to bring in. All our members have invite permissions so getting toons in is easy. Once your logged into the game on your server, Do type /who Sanguine to find us.. We are Sanguine Bounty Impside, Sanguine Galaxy Pubside. Make sure u check the pull down tab on the /who window and change the COMMENT category to GUILD, there are a few CLONE Copy's of Sanguine Guilds (We have fans/trollers).

Thank you for your Time, Reading our Forum. - Smorg