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12.12.2017 , 09:58 AM | #3
We are Celebrating our 5th Year in Guild, Join us for Lifeday 2017. You Make it happen! We are inspired by our members as much as the saga that makes is possible. Thank you everybody! This Years shaping up quite nicely for our teams, many have been gearing up and getting there training down on our new operations, gsf and pvp Maps/Missions/Information so we can help you out on any aspect of play mentioned. If you need any help in game we are still here giving the best information we have to date. More Guides are being listed on our Notes sections of facebook for our friends of Sanguine, and we are keeping our eyes open for anything new to come. We have a lot to offer no matter what your playing or who your with, check our links and give us a shout. Were here for you!

Happy 5th Year! and Happy Life Day! MTFBWU!