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08.04.2019 , 11:39 PM | #1
This flashpoint has been level-sync'd to 70 recently. But why? It's pretty much still broken in every way that it has been broken for forever. Level-syncing this was pointless if none of these issues were going to be addressed.

I have consolidated the issues with this flashpoint here:
  • Flashpoint not present in Group Finder for Veteran or Master Mode.
  • No Solo Mode or Master Mode option on the console outside the instance (i realize this might require a little effort to do).
  • None of the mobs, NONE of them, give CXP. I can understand removing it in the turret section, but all other mobs should give CXP.
  • None of the loot boxes have been fixed. They still either 1) give nothing, or 2) aren't even present (last boss).
  • No CXP packs after each boss.
  • This flashpoint does not count toward the [WEEKLY] Veteran Flashpoints mission, which is a problem.
  • Please allow the deco to drop again (Manned Blaster Turret).

Technically, you can do this flashpoint with two people (2 x level 70s, with companions healing), although most people will not be able to due to not being in-the-know or bad at jumping. It's a lot of effort to go through to get a full 4-man group together outside of groupfinder in order gain nothing from it but conquest points.

(before level sync, this flashpoint was solo-able, although it was clunky and time-consuming to do so)
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