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05.04.2021 , 10:16 AM | #12
Its like they only know extremes. Either only win requirment, super long and legacy-wide lockout (***?) which turn on even if u dc, no map selection or nothing. Same with balancing classes: heavy nerfs or overbuffs. Concept of middleground is not known in Bioware i guess.

The most funny thing is regs are even worse than before (than ever, actually). People ignore objectives same as in the past, but it seems like pug these days are only clueless newbies. Combine that with overload of stuns, roots, slows and ridiculous amount of defensive cds and you have pretty dreadful experience. At least compared to what we used to have.

You can rework it, like for example: greatly reduce lockout duration (5 min is max imo), make it only character-wide, give people opportunity to leave warzone at the beginning without punishment and for a love of God give us option to choose map we queue for (or at least type of map, like for example huttballs in one bracket, novare and civil war in other).
If reworking is too demanding for you, just remove it from regs. But at least do something.