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06.29.2019 , 06:00 AM | #9
You keep saying "gate", I only see a highway with differing lanes of speed. (This is for the main hand/ off hand, specifically)

1) You could just buy them from the GTN. If you have the credits, in 10 seconds or less you can have the main hand and offhand you're looking for.

2) You could kill the Queen

3) You could do solo ranked

4) You could join a raiding guild, and have their crafters make you what you need after you've contributed enough

5) Craft them yourself

6) The "pay to win" route: Contact a crafter, and ask what Cartel Market items they'd want in exchange for their stock

It sucks that ranked is so toxic, but there are alot of other options for people who don't want to deal with it. Also keep in mind, no one "needs" 258, except for ranked players, since all pve content can be done in 248.

Lastly, wanting the best gear, and earning or deserving the best gear, are vastly different situations. Causing 50 loses in solo ranked for your teams doesn't qualify, your greed is ruining their fun, and their chances to be sucsessful. You are actually contributing to the toxicity in that situation Your team isn't going to know if that's by your intention or design, and the safe assumption in those situations that it is intentional.

The difference between regs and ranked is this: In ranked, you're expected to do your job. If you can't do your job, you're going to be fired. If I get put into a group with the same person that's been throwing matches (intention isn't provable) then I'd want to kick you too. I'd rather take the loss, then take the loss and have the person causing the loss to benefit.