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I am not the best at PvP but I do enjoy it, however I do the PvE and want to get the best gear so now I have to go into ranked PvP...
Unless they changed something since my sub ended a couple weeks ago (yes, I can still post - so weird - this post cookie is lasting forever) why do you have to do PvP to get the monumental? You can go ossus and watch for a group doing the queen mission. I think that's the other option for the monumental?

Anyway, for the rest your post I agree. The top end gear grind and mats setup is ridiculous. Gating "gear you need for ranked" BEHIND actually playing ranked for quite a while to get it was just stupid. I hope for the sake of everyone still bothering with this game that they actually do make it reasonable in 6.0... but also like you, I'm not holding my breath.

As far as the vote kick, I would say "report them", but I know from experience that bioware does absolutely nothing about that.

Players abusing vote kick in ranked, which is blatantly against the ToS (they are actively stopping you from playing the game). And then after being reported, seeing that bioware does nothing about it. That same group of players coming into regs to "practice their arena rotation" and just ignore playing the actual game mode they are in. And that's fine because "they pay there sub". And then they don't see the hypocrisy when they get mad at you basically doing the same thing (going into ranked for reasons other than playing ranked). - that's why I quit the game. It made pretty much every part of this game I used to find fun, very un-fun.

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