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If bioware is going to live and die by this new weekly of wins only then they need to add more incentive for folks to actually participate in a losing pvp match.

If the whole bad change on Bioware's part is to deter afkers and folks leaving matches - hence the lock out and wins only. Maybe scrap that and go to something that accounts for medals earned - as afk players won't have medals or enough of them to qualify for receiving credit toward the weekly and pvp rewards. It def could be implemented it would take some work but with other input from pvpers I think it would work way better than having a lock out and winning only for actually receiving something from pvping.
I did suggest something like that in my other thread.

13. Revamp the medal system and then reward people who play to win. That would mean even if they lose, they may get better rewards, like more tech frags or gear vs people who don’t play to win.

14. Incentivise players to get better through rewards. This could be done by adding new pvp legacy achievements (examples only) :
* interrupting an enemy player healing a team mate
* mitigating damage
* target swapping
* stopping a team scoring with the Hutt ball
* catching a Hutt ball pass in the end zone
* intercepting a Hutt ball pass
* cleansing abilities from a team mate or yourself
* preventing an enemy from capping
* stealing an enemy node
etc, etc, etc
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