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So five new levels gives us five new talent points to spend (assuming). Just looking at the talent trees and having 46 points instead of 41 things are going to get screwy. Right now you can go 31 in a primary tree and 10 in a secondary. Come expansion time you can go 15 in a secondary and grab that 11 point skill. Also with hybrids of any sort it's going to make things even more interesting. If anyone pvps whatsoever, whatever class you thought was OP before holy moly will you hate life now.

Wondering if you saw this beforehand and have a plan or if you're going to 'fix it later'?
The old addage that if something can be tried it will be tried comes to mind. I don't know that Bioware can plan for all the things that players can possibly do with proposed changes which means there will be the inevitable complaints about imbalance, unfairness etc.
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