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To be honest, I agree. The question now is, what could they do to actually define the gameplay though? I was making suggestions in the forums as to new abilites but thats beyond their capabilities. I beleive that they should have tacticals that increase your primary attack by 400% but decrease your other abilities or have tacticals were you can make pure speed builds or control builds. A control build would include roots/hardtuns and ccs and a speed build would include reduction of cooldown on force speed, and high alacrity. Maybe even a distance build were your entire build is based off of roots and knockbacks, allowing players to maintain there distance from melee classes. Or even include high damage intake builds were you take a lot more dmg but your dps is reduced. Those would be better tacticals imo ie, your armor rating is increased by 200% but you do 50% less dmg. Or your movement speed is increased by 175% but your armor rating is decreased by 25%. Something like that.
I agree. I wish there were tacticals and set bonuses that focused on an aoe build, but I'm a Madness Sorc so I'm slightly biased, wanting all that DoT and sweet lifesteal.