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First of all, Iíd like to point out that the following feedback is from the perspective of a PvE player, specifically a Nightmare/Master Mode raiding guild.

Set Bonuses:

Energized Overload:

Doesnít sound like it changes the gameplay a lot. The damage that would be the result of this set bonus would need to be higher than the damage that is lost by using overload over any other ability. Right now this sounds not only clunky but useless and maybe even hindering in raid scenarios.

Gathering Storm:
First of all, I am unsure as to what is meant by ďUsing Polarity Shift immediately after extends its durationĒ - which duration?
However, this set bonus does sound intriguing as it could seriously buff the damage output of the lightning sorc, especially in combination with Death Channel. To be honest, I see this more as a possible tactical than a set bonus.
Additionally, this definitely has a bigger impact on lightning (where you currently do use Force Speed) than on Madness. Is it your plan that set bonuses will be designed for one spec with 6.0 instead of the way it is right now, where there is one set bonus for all DPS specs of one class.

Dark Consumption:
Depends a lot on the numbers, seems fine for a 4 piece bonus. Might make force management for sorc heals even more of a joke. I personally feel like consuming Weary stacks should have a negative impact as well, like giving the target you heal a small DoT in exchange for the bigger initial heal. On the other hand, Reverse Corruption could give another small HoT to the target.

Seems a little bit boring, in addition to this you could maybe give Resurgence two charges, might become too strong though.

Tactical Items:

Dark Cleanse:
Seems very weak and very situational.

Seems like a meme, the free resurgence isnít really needed for force management. The heal granted through pulling someone towards you has to be very big in order to justify the incoming flame from the sad melee dps.

Preserve Self:
Seems a little bit weak for PvE

Dark Return:
Depends on the tuning, seems like a fun new AoE Ability, especially since you donít really need the Phase Walk for movement.

Overall these general tacticals donít really feel like they actually change the gameplay a lot and I feel like they should be buffed a lot more.

All For One & One For All:
This either gives you an additional single target heal, but greatly reduces your AoE healing capability, or buffs your existing AoE heal. One For All doesnít really seem good when you have melee DPS in the raid, All For One however just buffs the ability.

Extra Mend:
It doesnít sound very interesting or game-changing, and I canít see anything that would make a healer decide to use his tactical slot for this one item.

Healing Volts:
In principle a damaging ability that causes an ally to be healed is, IMO, a very welcome addition to the gameplay. Still, the way I see it at the moment it would have to be a strong burst heal for it to be prefered over other tacticals since it must be an improvement to your healing output and not only a fun addition to the way your class works, at least for a player who is interested in optimizing your character and playstyle like me.

Death Channel:
Could be a good buff to the damage output of a lightning sorc, especially when combined with the aforementioned Gathering Storm. Still in its design it sounds more like a passive in your skill tree than a tactical that is supposed to change your playstyle or optimization for specific encounters.

Volt Flux:
This does sound very promising (maybe even a bit OP, although that is to be judged on PTS). It could be good tactical you swap in for aoe heavy encounters.

Convection Burst:
This does sound like a PvP tactical. I canít see any use for it in PvP anyways.

Basically the same as with Death Channel, a passive damage increase.

Exhaustion Field:
While a 10% damage buff on your Death Field is certainly quite nice, the second part of the description does again sound rather like a PvP passive. I deduce that it is intended for PvP.

Ruthless Demolition:
I like this one. It would definitely impact your playstyle and could offer some decent burst damage.

Writhing Terror:
This just adds RNG and doesnít impact your rotation at all. This shouldnít be a tactical.

Wrath Rushdown:
This tactical sounds like it has enough impact on gameplay and damage output that it is in the range of what I imagined a tactical would be. However, the 50% less force cost doesnít have any impact if the force management stays the same as it is right now.

Generally speaking, most of these tacticals donít really live up to the expectations that my guild had for them. Most of them are either too weak or they are simply passive. There also arenít really any outstanding synergies that I can think of and right now I feel like these tacticals just add something small to your gameplay but they donít actually define it.
What Iím also unsure about is the new ability, because it just doesnít make sense to me to give it to the Corruption spec if itís only really useful for healing if you have the Healing Volts tactical.
To be honest, I agree. The question now is, what could they do to actually define the gameplay though? I was making suggestions in the forums as to new abilites but thats beyond their capabilities. I beleive that they should have tacticals that increase your primary attack by 400% but decrease your other abilities or have tacticals were you can make pure speed builds or control builds. A control build would include roots/hardtuns and ccs and a speed build would include reduction of cooldown on force speed, and high alacrity. Maybe even a distance build were your entire build is based off of roots and knockbacks, allowing players to maintain there distance from melee classes. Or even include high damage intake builds were you take a lot more dmg but your dps is reduced. Those would be better tacticals imo ie, your armor rating is increased by 200% but you do 50% less dmg. Or your movement speed is increased by 175% but your armor rating is decreased by 25%. Something like that.