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this is true for every warzone, it's obvious. but i see too many teams all getting trolled by 2 ops on their pylon never able to kill them both before one gets back and keep stopping the cap. it doesn't always happen but 2 who know what they are doing will consistently prevent a team from capping the whole warzone and do so with ease because 2 rolls, surrender, and holotraverse and their back in seconds. i had one yesterday where neither team capped for 2 rounds. that's what prompted this post. and killing wasn't an issue they were just getting back almost instantly Yes there are things you can do but explaining these sounds like a self-defense instructor telling me how to stop a specific attack that he tells you to do and therefore expects. i don't blame the warzone though. i blame power creep. not that any one class is overpowered or anything like that we just have way too many tools and CDs and damage is fairly low compared to previous expansions. this is why it should be taken out. there is no way to simply fix it. maybe reduce cap time? but then its too easy to sap-cap so i dont know. you are right in that everyone should defend and focus them but when does that ever happen? all i ever see is 2 or 3 people just get trolled for trying to play the objective in a way that inst possible in other Warzones. why do you think civil war no longer has a speeder to grass and snow? (yes it used to) its to stop that exact scenario
You are absolutely right but that's not WZ issue. As someone pointed out in another post players don't seems to understand how AH works.