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I will maintain this thread as the definitive PvP Bug list.

See also: Definitive PVP Design Flaw List


Any Warzone
- Targeting by mouse clicking is very non-responsive
- Targeting by Tab key is very random/buggy
- "Deserter" counter begins when you're still on the loading screen
- Warzones can start 5v8, 6v8 or 7v8
- random crash to character select after warzone acceptance
- players randomly do not appear in the party frame (you have 8 people, but only 7 or 6 appear in the party list)
- After a warzone ends, intermittently the scoreboard shows only a partial list of players, with the value "0" for every stat
- Leaping skills can cause players to fall thru the world, or get stuck in the geometry
- If you are channeling a turret/bomb and get 1-shot killed, the "channel" bar continues, and you cannot release to respawn until its done. (you can hit ESC to stop channeling, then release)
- You can get "permanently" stunned in some rare occasions.
- After death, you will occasionally respawn with enemy effects (slow, DoTs) still on you, and sometimes you will not even have full health or energy levels.
- After death, you will occasionally respawn "in combat" (still in combat).
- being CC'd as you die can intermittently cause you to appear dead in the re-spawn area, which means the deserter debuff will kick you out since you can't leave the area

Ranked Warzones
- When the game crashes, you lose ELO rating

- When joining a game in progress, if you just barely miss the first gateway, you will be kicked out due to Deserter before the next one opens
- the scoreboard is sometimes "reversed" (your score is theirs, your ball possession shows as theirs, etc.)
- Sometimes after scoring, passing the ball to the person that scored will automatically score for your team.
- If the ball carrier dies as they pass the ball the light beam completely disappears and any indication of the ball is completely lost.
- Being grappled or pushed to the side ramps of the center will occasionally get you stuck in the geometry of the ramp.

- none at this time.

Civil War
- Sometimes, being Grappled/Pulled to the ramps at Central Turret will get you stuck in the geometry of the ramp.

- Not all class skills are mirrored properly.