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They don't have the right to premade, though. This may in fact break ToS:

If they can't run groups in lowbies without thoroughly ruining the experience for everyone else, they need to not run groups in lowbies at all. If they continue to make the game a worse place just for the sake of knowing they ruined someone's day, well... that's why there's the banhammer.

I personally think it's good that they're teaching the lowbies what PvP is all about and where it always goes, but I guess I'm just jaded and cynical.
Being in a premade for pvp is not a breach of TOS for swtor.

"Interfere with or disrupt another player's use of an EA Service. This includes disrupting the normal flow of game play, chat or dialogue within an EA Service by, for example, using vulgar or harassing language, being abusive, excessive shouting (all caps), spamming, flooding or hitting the return key repeatedly."

From what was quoted above - unless they are using vulgar, harassing language, being abusive (in chat), shouting (all caps), spamming, flooding or hitting the return key repeatedly in chat.

These comments made my day against TOS lol