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First page of a new thread yet again... I've lost count of what number this is. But let's hope it's in this thread we get actual information on when SGRs are coming, yah?

Suaine's summation of all information and quotes we had about SGRs prior to the guild summit.
Natashina's SGR Q&A - if you have a question, check here first, odds are good you'll find the answer.
The Guild Summit video that includes information about SGRs - click on the bit that says 21:02 in the 'top comments' section.

Hope that will be helpful to newcomers. Let's keep this rolling.
Did that post seriously reference the phrase "writer soon" - yeah, somehow I just think this feature won't ever happen. They can't even do hood toggles when they were talking about those 3 months ago, or add in Nightmare mode, or fix Ilum after 5 months, etc. - the idea they're scripting and recording flirt options and editing cinematics strikes me as unlikely. And they fired the guy that promised this.

Has the new community manager said anything?

They already said they're not adding to companions in any of the grab bag they announced at E3.