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------Reserved for poll results

Witch is preferred option 2a or 2b in the above post.


Option 2a - 24

Option 2b - 7

Option 3 - 1
It has come to my attention that there appears to be a THIRD option so I am Including it here rather than the main post.

OPTION 3 (Its all becomes clear please read)

FIRST - At the character creation screen, just after you select your gender you get to pick your ROMANCE PREFERENCE.

Straight - Male > Female or Male > Female, romance options (You can ONLY romance the opposite sex)

Bi - Male > Male, Female > Female, Male > Female, Female > Male, (You can romance ANYONE that is romancable)

Homosexual/Lesbian - Male > Male, Female > Female. (Only those of the same sex)

Asexual (I think thats the right word) - No Romance options ever appear.

SECONDLY - Make EVERY single romancable companion BISEXUAL, This is crucial for this to work and you will see why in a moment.

THIRDLY - When the romance options normally appear the game does a quick check to see the characters preference and acts accordingly.

FORTH and FINAL - Reset EVERY ONES companion quests to the beginning, Not only would this put EVERYONE on the same page, But also allow those that wish to to record (using fraps or whatever) there own little companion story if they wish.

Unless I am very much mistaken Very little or even No dialog actually need to change, (Unless there is specific gender references any of the conversations. (ie one calling the other boy/guy or girl/woman. And even if there is it would take all of what 2 min to record an appropriate line.

This allows....

Those that do not wish to "See" the options able to toggle them off at creation, Or heck they can get rid of the romances altogether if they so desire.

------------Witch ones---------------

It has come to my attention that there are some people that belive only certain ones should be Bi/gay so simple question witch ones. (Ill try to keep up with you lot :P)

Kira Carsen
LT Iresso
Theran Cedrex
Nadia Grell
Andronikus Revel
Ashara Zavros
Jaesa Willsaam
Malavi Quinn
LT Pierce
Aric Jorgan
Elara Dorne
Corso Riggs
Alcavi Spaar
Torian Caldera
Kaliyo Djannis
Vector Hyllis
Ensign Raia Temple

Take from, If I missed one let me know.

Vote away.