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And I do not mean the same copy paste message that gets thrown onto every topic that discusses this, I mean no offense to the admins but a bit of clarification would be nice.

Things to clarify:

1 - A rough eta on same sex relationships (flirting ect) Were not after a nailed down etched in stone, be all end all date, Just a rough idea. A week/Month maybe 3 ect ?

2 - Those that happen to pick the "wrong" gender at creation are currently missing out with regards to there story arc, In my example Female sentinel missing out with Kira. There are 2 ways I see to fix this.

2a - Re-write those sections to include the same options for both genders and allow players already past to "Redo" there conversations. (Bit difficult and a lot of reworking)

2b - Create equivalent content for same gender romance at level 50 (or once the CURRENT story arc is finished) So by the end of it EVERYONE has had the same options REGARDLESS of the gender they chose.

3 - This is more of a given I think, but will there be more customization options for your companions. For example something to just change your companions hair color or skin tone. (I say its a given because its something so obvious that can be expanded upon and require very little work)

These are the questions to the Developers.

My question to the forum baring in mind we already know more companions are coming with these options enabled already.

Witch do you prefer option 2a or option 2b ?

Ps - Due to threads being closed due to flame wars ect, please keep it civil and just ignore/report those that attempt to start one, And please stay on topic. I will update a count of witch is preferred every 2 days or so. (WTB poll option)