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02.01.2020 , 06:33 AM | #170
The proplem is that we are more then likely not going to be getting anymore big story updates for a while yet since they are focusing on DA4 just like when Anthem was in development so don't go getting your hopes up.

This game is on a barebones staff and it shows the quality of not only the story but also the content we are getting is poor to say the least and i wish it was better but sadly it isn't, i love this game i have been a early supporter of it to the point i had to import it since poor austalia wasn't in the first wave of releases so i didn't get my collectors edition i paided for thanks for that bioware. This game honestly deserves way better then what we have now and you would of thought they would of learned from Anthem that putting all your eggs in one basket is a bad move but it looks like they are set to repeat the same thing again lets just hope they do a better job with dragon age because if not then i think we know what will be next on EA's cutting block.