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12.15.2020 , 09:08 AM | #10053
This is one encounter I have that left me scratching my head.

I queue up for Veteran FP with my operative healer (level 75) and get grouped with a level 75 operative healer, a level 23 powertech (DPS) and a level 17 juggernaut (DPS) for the Kuat FP. I'm a returning player and I have gotten back into the swing of things, adjusting here and there. The powertech keeps jet boosting ahead of us and assuming tank role, which is fine but, never waits for us and and keeps getting close calls of wipe outs. The other healer suggests that I heal the one DPS while they heal the other. The other healer hardly spares heals, not a problem for me because, well, I'm a healer.

We get to the part of freeing the prisoners and the powertech keeps splitting up from the group. This doesn't help and the AOE heal buff ain't much if everyone is spread like butter.

We get to the docking area, again, powertech keeps splitting off, pulling aggro, and the other healer ain't doing much. Also, the DPS output was not there so these fights took a while and the beatings kept coming.

Finally, we get to the last boss with the droid and the probes pop up to heal it. The juggernaut is unfamiliar with the mechanics, doesn't have much abilities since level 17. Powertech is all right for this fight and I'm healing away. Healer keeps telling me not to heal during parts of the fight. Umm, what? I'll admit, I'm a bit unfamilar with that fight, I just know to take out those healing probes when they pop up if I'm playing my DPS toon. Trying to heal and shoot these things down was something else. We keep wiping and eventually powertech and healer dip out. Luckily, a 53 powertech came in and the three of us, juggernaut (good sport after a brief rundown), powertech (53) and myself, take down this boss.

Most work I've ever done with my healer and I felt pretty good that we pulled it off with the three of us. I was kinda shook that the other two players were... not quite cooperative. That's my story.