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What your saying sounds like its well informed although its not. They would contract the work out to port the game for osx they wouldn't get creative and coding leads and take them away from the game lol derp. I don't think they do feel the same way as they already mentioned they play on macs.

Theres plenty of demand, heck wow did it.

First of all, contracting work to a third party to port the client to MacOS would be beyond suicidal. It wouldnt run worth a **** and would always be inferior to the Windows client, and they would be stuck supporting an inferior product for a small portion of their playerbase. it would be an absolute nightmare. If they were going to do a MacOS client, the only proper way to do it would be to build it from the ground-up in house.

Second, regardless of who made the client, its still an extra cost to develop and support that client. If the portion of the playerbase that would use that client are not enough to overcome the costs and be profitable, then they aren't going to do it... if they are smart anyway.

Bottomline: if they feel like its going to be worthwhile, they will do it. If they don't, they wont. They gathered machine information during beta signups to see who was running what, and I imagine they base any client decisions on the information they gathered during that time.
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