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Inquisitor seems to be more of in control of his own destiny while Warrior is largely manipulated by one or other whether that be Emperor or someone else. Not really interested who is stronger since its not relevant in the grand scheme of things as story will never make one class officially beat another class.

In regards to Palpatine dont you think if they could make him super powerfull in the original movies they would have.

But you cant think about it in proper time progression past to future. Lucas writes his stupid fluff retrospectively we have to think of it the same way as he just changes stuff to suit his needs. As far as he is concerned only true cannon is the movie the rest of EU might just as not exist. There was no technology or need for Palpatine to seem more powerfull in the movie. And dramatic necessity demanded obviously that vader kills him.

I ve personally lost all faith in Lucases writing and much prefer biowares EU stuff thats not done by him as his midichlorians and the whole anakin padme romance is sheer idiocy . The only believable part of the plot he did was anakins fall to the dark side out of love strong emotion blah blah blah. Rest of it is just stupid.