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Can anyone check what the health pool stats are on the final boss in Landing Party on Master mode, veteran and story.
And if possible what the health pool stats are on the first and second bosses in Inferno.

Iíve a sneak suspicion that Bioware have pushed the testing to the live servers as the bosses are much harder now from last week on live.
Last Sunday my Gunslinger was slain twice by the Landing Party's last Boss, but finished this uprising from the 3rd attempt *knocking on wood*. Just note, that the Gunslinger is a DPS, not a true Tank, and that the Commander Tassar is a really difficult Boss with a cruel (very-high-damaging "Unstable Conduit") mechanics. Always been like this.

UPD: 1st Inferno's Boss, Lord Wrad - 1 237 552, 2nd Boss, T4-9K Excavator - 676 078, 3rd and 4th Bosses, Zanisk and Adacin - approximately 989.5k each. It's an easiest - "Story" - mode, didn't check Veteran and Master.