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Up until a few weeks ago, I'd been out of game for quite a while. I started to miss it though and my muse was showing signs of returning so I started some new characters to run through the old content to refresh my memory. A couple new legacies were born as a result and one of them inspired a story that's been taking up my thoughts for the past week....part of which I decided to share here. Hope any of you still reading these stories can forgive me for adding more characters and hopefully you all enjoy these boys.

Title: Sounds Like a Plan
Prompt: Friends, Flashbacks
Characters: Mikkyal O’Rourke-Trooper, Drexyn Dalov-Smuggler
Setting: Ord Mantell, Lothal
Spoilers: Smuggler and Trooper Ord Mantell


Author's Note: (Trooper Ord Spoiler)
Nice story, especially mixing the trooper with the smuggler at Ord Mantell. Don't end this too quick. It would be interesting if the villain works alone, connected with Sith Empire, or Hutt Cartel, or Exchange. Also if ends surrenders, escapes, heroes kill him, accident falling in the lava, "accident" falling in the lava.