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@Jimcorpus: I definitely have to agree with your Smuggler......that is one really diverse crew!

Happy Friday know what that means! Yup, time for a new prompt!!

Week of June 19, 2020:

Like a Child--No Inhibitions: We had the prompt Like No One’s Watching for your character indulging in some activity they liked but were embarrassed to engage in. This time, let them shed those inhibitions. Children do the things they love and don’t care who knows about it. Be it singing on the bus, wearing colors or patterns that “adults know” don’t match, eating the whole slice of cake because it tastes great, or making stories in their favorite make-believe world. This week, write a story where your character is going to have fun regardless of other’s opinions, or a time when they remembered being so free.

*Feel free to continue submitting stories for any prompt. A masterpiece missed the deadline? Don’t let it gather electronic dust, share it anyway!

*This week’s prompt not for you? Look for something more to your taste in the Prompt Archive. Consider all the prompts active and waiting to inspire you.

This week’s featured previous prompts are:

Something Borrowed--writers find inspiration everywhere, sometimes in other people’s fic. Not necessarily characters, though we had a prompt for that, too. Sometimes it’s a scene, or a description, a side character, or a setting. The name of a bureau, what the hyperspace vortex looks like, a slogan, or something else! The original TOR thread has been host to a number of collaborations recently, so let’s make it official. Write your story and be sure to note what you borrowed and from whom. Add a link to your inspiration if you can.

Breaking the Fourth Wall: These are a lot more meta than we usually explore; roll with them and have fun.

  • Addressing the Audience: Characters aren’t supposed to acknowledge their audience. Suppose they did? How would they speak to all those who’ve been reading and enjoying their adventures? What might they say to the complainers?

  • Addressing the Creator: If your character could say something about their writer, what would it be? Would they complain about something? Take the opportunity to give you a piece of their minds? Maybe ask for a favor? Or would they be grateful and thank you?
Jumping in the Puddle

The Iridonian was having the most fun she had in a week. Another batch of rain caused a puddle near some merchants. She did a little run then would jump into the puddle. Years ago as a child she would jump in puddles, one of the few enjoyments she could have as a slave. Now she could enjoy it without anyone bothering her. She still wore a provacative slave outfit, mocking the Sith society that a slave became one of the Dark Council members. She jumped up and came back into the puddle, laughing from the fun she was having. A light rain fell on her face, covered with red and black tattoos in the style of the Iridonians. She was enjoying herself, certainly more fun than a boring meeting. In fact she was having as much fun as shooting lightning at someone.

Shaking his head slowly from side to side not far from the puddle was standing a Dashade. He looked with total bewilderment and stunned. He was once a servant of Tulak Hord,, and never had to stand by and watch such silly behavior. Now he is the servant of this misfit who somehow had an incredible control of the darkside of the force. To challenge her was such a foolish endeaver, with him over the past years seeing his current master destroy so many opponents. Yet once again she does something that totally dismays him.

The Sith Lord jumped one last time and caused such a big splash. She walked towards the Dashade killer and stated "I'm done." She started walking to the building their home was, at the top of a building near the town square of Dromund Kaas.

"A bug is on your arm" the Dashade stated.

A quick thin bolt of lightning arched from her right hand and disintegrated the insect resting on her left arm, not affecting her at all. "Quiet" she replied back to her Dashade slave and entertaining historian.