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What's really going to be interesting is seeing how romances change depending on the gender of the PC. How do y'all think they might play out differently?
Hopefully it will be subtle and believable... As opposed to them all being "I've never been attracted to a person of the same gender as me before, until you!"

Ideally I'd like to see some bisexual and some exclusively homosexual companions... Sadly, I think they'll take the all bisexual route.

(If they make some exclusively homosexual, there will invariably be some players who will whine and cry that they're not available to their opposite sex PC - cf Samantha Traynor from ME3. Oddly enough, I haven't seen any girls whining over Steve Cortez....)

(By the way, some people might point out the hypocrisy of the above statement - don't we LGB people whine and cry about heterosexual characters we'd like our same sex attracted PCs to be involved with? Well, yes we do. This is a double standard, but one of those double standards that are necessary (at this point in history anyway, I long for the day when it is no longer needed) - heterosexual characters are a dime a dozen, but LGB characters are few and far between (far far far under-represented when compared to RL). That is as far as I'm going to go, lest this post get deleted for dealing with RL stuff.)