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And there's no official word on when 1.4 comes out, right?
Ideally, when it is done.

And that is another point that was raised at the Guild Summit - that the delay over SGRAs is due, in large part, to the desire of the Dev Team to handle the material right - to make each arc its own story consistent with the companion and the rest of the story material.

Companion stories tie into the main storyline, and other companion's stories, in a complicated manner, and I can see it taking significant writer time to do that. To my thinking, this would tend to support that SGRAs will be added for existing companion characters. Writing material for new companions alongside the rest would in many respects be simpler. Then again, in the latter case, we'd not see anything until new companions are rolled out, and I imagine those eager to pursue a SGRA with HK-51 are few.