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Alderaan Datacrons

Aim +4 Datacron

Coordinates: X: 1106, Y: 78

This datacron is on an island that you can only get to by a small damaged lift.

Can also be reached by driving a STAP up the "left" side of the island (looking down at it from the platform). If the STAP doesn't make it all the way, get back on foot to make the last jump up.

Strength +4 Datacron

Coordinates: X: 2191, Y: -2020

In order to reach this datacron you will need to buy a Magnetically Guided Grappling System (MGGS) from Lain-Ricie, a vendor located south of Tarlarn Outpost. Once you have the MGGS head over to the location of the datacron and use your MGGS on the blue glowing Magnetic Stabilizer next to it. You will be taken over to the datacron platform where you can collect your reward!

Or you can jump along the rocks and get over to the ladder and climb up saving 10K credits.