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This is a very funny threat .. so much emo about when people are able to get in on the game.. I hope there is enough role-play servers for you all out there..
If you READ the page it says "up to 5 days" it did not say 5 days ....

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Well I can wait if I have to but looking at it from a point of view of early access being a gift is patently nonsense. This gift for early access has cost all of us the equivalent of 5 for early access. That is a fee not a gift you don't pay for gifts.

For those who gain access today that figure is equal to just over 20 per month. More than double the monthly subscription. For those who won't gain access for another two days that equivalent monthly figure would rise to 30, more than treble the monthly subscription.
...naturally want to get into the game also.
Okay you have made a very poorly deal. I get my 5 deducted from the price of the game, since I shopped around and found the cheapest place to buy it.. so my expenses all in all will be 40 ... this is exactly the same if you buy any other online game.. so dry your emo tears and be happy when you are granted early access... since the game is first out the 20th...