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Ignoring your snark, attacking a community as a whole is a personal attack on everyone in that community, which is what he did. He then claimed he didn't attack anyone personally, and no, individually he did not, and I responded to that. You can twist it however you like, but quoting out of context is a great way to wind up looking foolish. He said "correct me if I'm wrong" and I replied "you're wrong." I defined strawman correctly, but you chose not to quote it.
Oh so he DID personally attack a whole community now? You said he didn't though? I'm confused.
What he did do was state RPers who want to be special snowflakes, not all RPers. How is insulting RPers that want to be special snowflakes by stating they want to be special snowflakes insulting an entire community - oh and worse yet "personally attacking" them ... not sure how you personally attack a whole community but ok.

At least if that's what you are referring to (it's hard to say since you contradict yourself to begin with).

Also quoting your 2 statements made back to back is not out of context at all - it IS THE context. I suggest you take time and think through your posts before clicking submit reply because this post you havem ade here isn't improving things any.

Accusing people of things they've not actually done is really poor form.