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Except that you have been doing the same thing. You cast insults at roleplayers and then turn around and say you are a roleplayer, which I am beginning to doubt. While roleplayers are not perfect neither is any group but yet in this thread you continue to insult roleplayers and then turn around and claim to be a roleplayer.

There is no group that is perfect but if you claim to be in a specific group it would seem that you would not insult the group you are part of.

I don't pvp but yet I don't call them names or insult them . Your problem is you want one thing one server when there has been other people saying compromise in 2 servers or 3 depending on what they want to do with the European server but yet when someone says that, they are told they are not trying to compromise, but yet they are. You are the one not trying to reach an agreement.
See this is more akin to strawman - he was stating RPers "Who want to be special snowflakes" - not ALL RPers unless you are implying ALL RPers want to be special snowflakes?

Context means a lot, the person throwing around strawman accusations could learn a bit.