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You are correct, everyone should be able to play without being harassed. The thing is, people are doing it to all groups, (let me reiterate) all groups. This thread has degenerated to "role-players are being specially targeted" and therefore we should not merge servers. I beg to differ. They even troll each other. People of all playstyles are being trolled. I started roleplaying when the original D&D with 3 6x8 paperback books in a boxed set, first came out. But even I find it ridiculous that one "specially targeted group" claims that others are putting themselves above this group and trying to force an issue. These others can say the same in rebuttal. You are saying they should pay to move an entire guild while losing assets like guild ships and decorations so as to not inconvenience you. Again, trolling is running rampant in this game and all groups are being targeted. What makes one group special?
While it is true that anyone wishing to play on a higher population server can do so NOW, I cannot remember anyone having said that BW shouldn't address and resolve the issues surrounding both individual and guild transfers.

The biggest difference is that those who oppose forced server merges are asking to retain the CHOICE of which server they choose to cal home--to have the opportunity to play on a server with a population and a community that meets their desires, not just the desires of those who want more LFG fodder at any cost.