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05.12.2021 , 04:08 PM | #1
Light side has to be the dullest part of the this game I have experienced so far. Man, it feels horrifyingly lackluster, and im not trying to offend people or anything, I'm not trolling, just the way the story made me feel so far.

Where are the twists ? What makes this story unique from any other? Nothing about the quests has me sitting back in awe or in wonder or curiosity. Everything is predictable, dull, basic, lack of creativity. There is literally nothing that grabs my attention. It's your simple "go to x planet, shield x jedi", rinse and repeat for literally 3-4 planets of quests back to back. Who in their right mind wants to do this? There is literally no twists in the middle of all this, non, there is no mystery whatsoever. Man a middle school kid could have came up with a better story, seriously.... in middle school ive heard more captivating stories from essays, no joke.

What truly amazes me is that someone in charge actually said " yes this is final-product-content, lets release it".Guys, you are selling this product... how is this the final product? Please... -.-

Will i finish my lightside character? Absolutely not, I invested ton of credits on stuff like costumes/mounts/utility to make the gameplay funner but despite all of that, I just can't do it. Sorry Bioware.

Am I the only person who sort of but not really feels insulted by this? Maybe not insulted but annoyed a tad bit that this was sold to us? Come on...

Dont tell me you or anyone with a middle school education can't come up with something better. This is coming from a dude who is practically entertained by the sound of farts...

On a lighter note, dark side was much more entertaining, not KOTOR entertaining but at least I can get through the story.