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Before my subscription runs out and I can still post, I figured a response to this mindless drivel is in order.

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I'm sorry, this thread is ridiculous.
Firstly, this thread is not only relevant, it has been sanctioned by BioWare as the place to discuss this topic. Additionally, co-founder Greg Zeschuk is on record in a recent interview that they fully intend to support the Mac audience soon.

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Mac users will be the first to tell you how much better desktop graphic design, video editing, etc are so fabulous on a mac, but explain why their platform is inadequate for gaming and they get all indignant. Macs don't do games or Flash. Whether you agree with this or not is irrelevant, it's just how things are.
Macs don't do games or Flash? Hmm... I better tell my all-Mac team of Flash game developers. Honestly I almost stopped reading right there, your statement is so ignorant.

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All the mac supporters can do is cite Apple stock and growing marketshare (not in desktop pc's btw guys) and whine about no support when there's already a software solution for them.
Huh? Apple market share isn't growing? You may want to check again. Up domestically 600% since 2002. Some numbers have it as high as 25% of retail computer purchases in the US being Macs. World-wide actual market share is closer to 10-12%. And growing FAST.

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It's this simple: there are technical hurdles for native mac support. A publicly-held company (EA) no doubt did some kind of analysis to determine if developing that native support would yield an appreciable profit over the costs involved. Since they announced that there will be no mac support, we can assume the analysis didn't show a big enough number.
Any technical hurdles at this point are self-imposed by BioWare. If they planned cross-platfom as they should have from the start - like the big boys Blizzard and Valve and id - it wouldn't be an issue.

And in case you missed it, it's quite clear BioWare is coming out with a Mac version of TOR though yet unannounced officially.

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It's not like you can't play the game, because you can. The sooner mac users embrace the fact that their platform doesn't have widespread support for gaming, the sooner you can calm down and just enjoy the game. Since your computer is so much more awesome than a PC, swtor runs great, right?
We can't play the game. The computer I brought home from the store - my Mac - does not run Star Wars: The Old Republic. Fact, and period.

The Mac does have widespread support for gaming, and at the very least, the leading competitor - World of Warcraft - is standing right there to take our money. Millions of Mac users, untapped by BioWare.
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