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Powertechs are just not balanced. Their survivability is significantly lower than every other class. I'd argue even assassins have better survivability thanks to their DCD's, and those at least have a reliable escape mechanic. At the same time, several DPS specs can quite easily match a PTs damage output and even rival its burst capability. In PvP, in a 1v1 scenario, a PT is at a significant disadvantage against every single other class due to lack of DCDs.
Iím sorry, but youíre mostly wrong. The other classes that can truly rival PTís burst capability are Conc Op and Deception Sin, two classes that are also woefully unbalanced in terms of damage output. Both PT specs have an offensive ability that doesnít respect the global cooldown, meaning you can just spam it in conjunction with any other attack. AP PT can double up on autocrit Cell Burst, which hits for a minimum of 60K if youíre geared right. Pyro PT can auto crit on 2/3 of their abilities and they have two fairly respectable DoT abilities. With that damage output, going 1v1 with people and winning is not hard.

As for survivability, yeah PTs die quickly if you play them like a dumb tank. You have to slow, stun, and kite people around. With two hard stubs, potentially two stun breakers, a massive speed boost, immunity to slows and roots, various heals (smaller than weíd like, but still...), and damage reduction, you can survive just fine if youíre smart. No, you canít just spam Kolto Probes, go invisible, or rollololol all over the battlefield. But if youíve got the skills, you can last. My referral link.