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Don't make assumptions, please.

I said we're not currently working on a Mac client. That doesn't rule out the possibility of a Mac client in the future; as various interviews have stated, it's always possible.

However, currently, there are no development efforts directed towards a Mac client. Unless it's being done in an underground bunker far from here by stealth-suited developers.
Erm... isn't that what he said? Your team leads don't think it's worth doing right this second compared to anything else they could be doing... so they aren't doing it.

If you (or really one of the producers or presidents) thought you'd be making money on it right now, you'd have a mac client. Whatever the crossover number is for when it becomes worth investing in either you (or simutronics) didn't expect it to be at that point yet, and it might not be. I don't have any idea what your ROI targets are, last I heard bioware was churning about 12k/month per employee in canada, but that doesn't meaningfully contribute to a discussion of a mac client cost because it's not clear from the outside who would need to do what to make it happen. Simutronics has more hero engine customers than just EA, they certainly could see value in a mac client but that completely changes the question of what it would cost for EA-Bioware to do it if Simutronics will do half the work on their own (and what would they charge for it?).

You must be doing the same basic question for every feature. Hero engine supports vivox, so you could invest developer time into integrating a voice chat system into the game itself from a version of hero engine. Is that going to generate enough revenue to warrant the time invested, is it going to make the game more fun per dollar than some other investment you could do, is it going to ever be used given that most everyone uses some other VOIP chat application that inherently works better by not being part of the game client. Mac is the same question, if you do one how long will it take to do well, how much will it cost, will it be enough more 'fun' for mac users than a mac user rebooting into windows etc.

In general though no, I wouldn't think it worth the effort to build a mac client, unless simutronics will cough up a translation layer in hero engine for free (most of your game is written in hero script right, so you can merge with things they add? Good...) you're likely to just cause endless synchronization issues. It would be one thing if it was architected from the ground up for it, but from what I can tell there would be a huge amount of programming time required, and even then it might still break things constantly.