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Hey folks,

It is intended that if you are not wearing a relic that you lose it's on-use effect as noted, which includes the Antiviral Kit. However, we definitely understand this has gearing implications and so we are looking at ways to make the experience of the Antiviral Kit be less detrimental to your character's power where possible. We will share any updates as we have them and thank you for the feedback.

The change was not needed, they have always worked that way and have for years, it was a convenience item so you don't have to keep finding a vendor to buy the Rakghoul vaccines. Now they are an useless item only good for one fight that only occasionally is even available with the Rackghoul event.

And when you guys do stupid crap like this you always are "looking at ways to make it suck less" DO THAT PART BEFORE YOU CHANGE CRAP THAT DOESN'T NEED CHANGING!

This is wasted dev time that should have been spent on fixing some of the plethora of real problems in this game, like the horrible server performance in ops that leads to massively buggy encounters, or the broken Social bar that won't stay where you freaking put it that was taken out of the UI Editor for no reasonable reason. Or the terrible controls and settings for trying to manage Buffs/Debuffs as a healer. Or a Hood Toggle or literally anything that makes the game better. This change DOES NOT MAKE THE GAME BETTER. It feels like some busybody needs better management direction in the office.

I am so freaking frustrated with the development of this game, So many systems that could be massively improved with some seemingly minor tweaks, yet it feels like you add things, never improve them, then make annoying "fixes" like this.

Just replace the kit with a reusable Rakghoul Vaccine and be done with wasting time on it.