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Bumping because, while my bigly brain definitely understood all the math, some kind soul may be interested in translating this into dum-dum speak.
Which I definitely don't need. Since I absolutely understand the curving equations and solving for c. Shut up.
I am not 100% sure but I just use the old number for say alacrity 1860 for 1.3 cooldown point and divide that number by the coefficient provided in the how it scales ie. 0.38 in this case for alacrity - the second number, the fraction in each category, I get 4895. Is this correct? so the new 1860 if nothing is changed is 4895?

Can do this for crit, accuracy etc.

Note I may be totally misunderstanding this formula too so please clarify how we are translate old figures to the appropriate new figures in the pts so far?
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