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This wouldn't of been so terrible if they where sending out more Waves then just 4 for today, but some of you Guys are right. We aren't sure how many People do get invited per Wave but i can understand how alot of People are feeling about this. In some cases like myself when you Pre-Order the Game for starters it's 10 (13$) and that's just for Pre-Ordering the Game to get the early Access and a Pre-Order Item and a Copy Reserved but when the Game comes offically out you still have to pay the same Price as anyone else that didn't Pre-Order. So i personally do feel abit robbed for my Money especially since the Pre-Order Box did not say "May play up to 5 Day's early" It says "Pre-Order now to gain Early Game Access and an exclusive Ingame Item look for your Weapon". So that's misleading Information but i can understand why BioWare/EA is taking their time sending out these invites so they can make sure that everything runs fine without every Area being totally overflooded.
you are still getting early game access even if its only 1 day you still get in 1 day before the game hits the shelf so its not misleading
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