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tbqh I was ranting a bit, and was only semi serious.

I know DCD's are still needed but I learned the hard way that fighting "Red" in Dxunn Operation where you can't DCD Cleanse, and you're taking stacks that have to be cleansed by a environmental object...

But rather than rant all over again, I'll just say A) Regarding HM/NiM Ops I was quite humbled - maybe as off tank I wasn't getting healed, but it sure felt like nothing I did regarding my DCD's and avoiding cleaves and acid pools did anything to improve my survivability. B) that Operations and PvE content are in no way similar to PVP - not that this is unknown.

It was just a really bad experience - and not because #toomanybuttons_7800707 - but because the buttons I had didn't do me any good (tbh I thought I was joining SM Dxunn... oops), so taking more of Darkness' already nerfed class and pruning more DCD's...

... just leaves me scratching my head.

Yeah fair enough if mechanics go horribly wrong, DCD's can't save you there. That said Assassin is the one tank spec that really can use some rebalancing of its cooldowns. As it stands (and has been standing for years) Shroud is just too much, at least with how often you can use it. Several mechanics are completely avoidable if you just bring one Darkness Assassin along. Pretty much every ops team brings along at least one Sin tank when doing NiMs, sometimes two, and it's mainly because of how ridiculous Shroud is.

Some way where you'd have to pick through the new system between different variants of Shroud. Maybe having to pick between Shroud of Madness and Disjunction, or between Shroud of Madness and Shroud the ability itself.