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While I agree if your connection is unreliable you shouldn't be trying to PVP, that isn't always the case. One disconnect should not lock you out for 15 minutes. There is zero justification for a 15 minute lockout on a first offense for any reason other than lazy development and community management.

Bioware are punishing players for their own game design issues. You can get locked out of the game for 15 minutes because of the audio glitch which causes your client to hang for seconds at a time, or being roll bugged, or any of a number of bugs that Bioware have been unable to fix.They punish players for leaving game modes which are horribly boring (OPG) or glitchy (huttball) and they punish players for their own horrendous matchmaking. A 15 minute lockout for a single 'offense' is absurd and embarrassing.
So, what you want to do is reward people who throw tantrums and leave matches because they're bad in order to accommodate people who DC once or twice a year and absolutely cannot wait 15 min, once or twice a year? Still not sold. Do you understand why BioWare isn't sold either? This incredibly bad argument isn't capable of withstanding even the slightest scrutiny.

Not liking Proving Grounds isn't a valid excuse to leave a match. Bugs existing are not a valid excuse to leave a match.

You talk about offenses but you are really talking about gaming the system. If they were to give you three strikes a day, you would abuse two of those strikes, every day. No one is falling for this.