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the actual solution is to just remove arenas and re-implement ranked 8v8s. the deserter lock out is fine.
this is the least plausible "option" anyone has offered on the subject. and you're not the only one to offer it.

here is why:
  • every single huttball map is broken beyond repair by desync. and the Pit is broken by the fact that virtually every class in the game can cheese their way around all of the "obstacles" on the map. furthermore, quesh is quadrubly broken in that warriors/knights cannot leap on the top ledges near (but not in) the end zones, AND the map design is such that a full third of the map (mid) is irrelevant to the objectives (ironically it's the most popular area of the map in regs).
  • CW/Yavin has always been a terrible map for rated b/c in rated matches, the teams are full of *good* players, which means they can essentially maintain a stalemate at mid in perpetuem. this causes a chain effect that means the team who caps a node first wins. unless, of course, you can ninja the node from the other team. but again, good players in voice. so that isn't going to happen. the game always boiled down to which team had a combat/carny and a sprint to win their natural node first. with modern movement buffs, it boils down to who has the most lolroll stallers. the map ceases to function. it's just too easy for good players.
  • AHG is pretty much AHG since there is no natural node, and it's pretty flat so little in the way of desync. split your team in 4s. fight over nodes (ignoring mid) for 8-10 rounds, until someone finally caps one node and the game ends. passable as far as existing maps go for rated. b/c it's rated, though, each team sends a trinity comp to each node, so wiping or cc'ing them for a full channel is quite difficult. and teams have the time between rounds to heal, break combat, and essentially reset (unlike arenas).
  • NC is the only well designed (for rated) map b/c channeling the nodes is not a zero sum activity. it requires team work and strategy.

again, brute force doesn't work on any of these maps in rated games b/c no decent rated team can be pushed off a node for long enough to prevent respawns from arriving. this is particularly true with modern mobility buffs and dcds.

you would have to rewrite every class virtually from the ground up to accommodate rated WZs. this is why, while rated WZs were better than arenas as the only form of rated in the game, they absolutely cannot work in 2021.