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It's like how most of us are not big fans of Doc or Tharan Cedrax, but more of the male players find them cool, defend them or find them not so offensive. So we tend to get: abusers, perverts, betrayers or LI's into weird bdsm stuff like Iron Bull lol. It's a trend Bioware has to change, and they've tried to in this some ways, though many of the males still fall into the same trope.
I don't find Tharan and Doc anywhere near as bad as the weird relationships between Trooper and Elara, and Consular and Nadia. That last one in particular doesn't have an eject button where you can back out of a relationship at the 11th hour like you can with the others.
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You were loyal to EA/Bioware at a time when there was no reason to be loyal to them, and now that loyalty is being tested. If there is any justice in the world, you clearly deserve a special reward. Hopefully it happens, delivered on your porch in a brown paper bag, aflame with the light of justice.