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That's my point in all of this - by releasing it later (especially a year later) you can no longer bank off of the hype, buzz and marketing of an initial launch. You now have to re-market specifically to Mac players, making the recoup even steeper.

From the beginning, I never understood why it wasn't a cross-platform choice. I've been advocating for this since the day the forums went live on October 21, 2008... but the decision made back in 2006 or whenever didn't take into account the growth that would happen to the Mac market and the Apple brand in general.
Here's why: Steam survey finds more than 8% of gamers use Mac OSX

OK so let's call that 9%. Now let's say that half of those will be happy using bootstrap so 4.5%.

Let's say the game has sold about 2 million copies so far. If that's the case, BioWare has lost revenue from 90,000 Mac-only players to date. Assume BioWare's portion of the box revenue is $25 per box. They've elected to forego $2,250,000 by not supporting Mac directly.

I assume they can do math and surveys and they know the real numbers better than these estimates. However, if these estimates are anywhere near close, when you consider everything they'd have to do to support a Mac client - hardware, ongoing engineering, testing, and support - it's probably not worth it.

Edit: Choosing to game on a Mac is like choosing to drive a diesel powered automobile. There are simply going to be some gas stations you can't fill up at.