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Following Keith's check-in, I would like to consolidate suggestions for crafting improvements to a single thread.

We've had many threads and posts about the issues with Grade 11 crafting. This thread is not intended to argue if crafting has problems, or even necessarily what those problems are (I think they're fairly well identified at this point), but what to do about the problems.

Anyone who wants to contribute, please make specific suggestions or tweak someone else's suggestions. No insulting Bioware or even defending them, please; this is not about them but about the topic of crafting. Keeping our contributions steamlined and on-topic will help BW far better than any meta discussion.

Now, on to the suggestions!
  • Revert basic components to needing 2/2/2 of each material. No more 8/10/10. A slight lowering to something like 6/8/8 is not enough. Please go straight to 2/2/2. This is the most important thing for you to do.
  • Adjust the supply of green materials via missions. Because Grade 11 crafting needs greens predominantly, but greens are not adequately supplied in proportion to how much they are needed, add extra moderate missions to all mission and gathering skills, but especially to archaeology, scavenging, and bioanalysis (add twice as many new moderate missions to them as to slicing and the mission skills, because they additionally do not have enough missions per type of material, e.g. currently only one moderate power crystal mission, one moderate artifact fragment mission, etc.). Additionally make the other grades return some/more green materials along with their current yields. Alternatively, make moderate missions return twice as many materials (but still give archaeology, scavenging, and bioanalysis extra missions, please - or make their moderate missions return quadruple results instead). But I think this is sub-optimal because a lot of people haven't even noticed that moderate missions are the only ones that return solely greens, and many may continue to not notice.
  • Also because of the need for more grade 11 green materials, realign the proportion of green to blue to purple materials provided by harvesting nodes to approx. 7:2:1. At the moment, even one purple basic component take 204 greens, 72 blues, and 30 purples. (This doesn't take crits along the path to purple components into account, since people's crit rates are different. I acknowledge that in practice the requirements will be less than this, but I find it a helpful starting point for working out how much we need of each quality.) The proportion of green to blue to purple here is approximately either 6:3:1 or 7:2:1 (more precisely, 67:23:10), so that's what the average proportions offered by nodes should be. If BW have some more precise proportion to offer that takes average crit rates into account, that could be used instead. Additionally, for archaeology nodes specifically, please provide the same amount of power crystals as artifact fragments; don't split crystals between colour and power, as there seems to be an under-supply of power crystals that I imagine is coming from nodes (since we never see the amount gathered by a companion in any info window, it's hard to track).
  • Reverse-engineering/deconstructing *either* needs to have a lowest chance of 20% *or* an in-built pity timer that guarantees success after a certain number of attempts. My personal preference is 20% at the lowest, no matter what the grade, but I'm open to argument. The cost to RE higher levels will still be higher because higher levels cost more materials for every attempt. It's not necessary to reduce the chance to 10% or 5% on top of that.
  • Green items should need materials no higher than green. Blue items should need materials no higher than blue (this can include blue exotics like isotopes). Purple items should need materials no higher than purple (this can include purple exotics like matrices). Only gold items should use gold materials.
  • This is a comment partially on grade 11 but also partially on grades 1-10. Restore pre-6.0 mission success chance rates. Before 6.0, I do not remember ever failing a grey-difficulty mission. (If it did happen, it must've been so rare that it didn't register.) Certainly I did not, for example, fail a grade 6 mission when my skill level let me run grade 10 missions - yet, now, I do fail grade 6 missions, often enough that it stands out. This appears to be taking away with one hand while offering to give back with the other hand if we pay a price - i.e. trying to incentivize us to pursue +success rate amplifiers. But, at least for me, all it does is fuel resentment, because I never used to fail on the vast majority of missions before. It was unhelpful to make our success rate worse and hold hostage the prospect of getting it back to what it once was, under certain conditions. Even if one can re-achieve pre-6.0 success rate via amplifiers, having to swap equipment back and forth just to run missions actively makes the crafting experience worse, when 6.0 should be trying to make it better.

Additionally, this is a purely subjective suggestion made solely on behalf of people like me who craft for pretty things rather than stats, so it's a comment on part of crafting rather than crafting as a whole, but...
  • Please add purely cosmetic items at grade 11 (two dyes and one new colour of crystal for artifice is all you gave us; new synthweaving and armormech outfits have stats, when you could also give us empty shell outfits, armstech could get empty weapon shells, artifice empty sabers, more dyes and crystals, mounts for cybertech, etc).

I have cross-posted this thread to Reddit as well, with a view to hopefully gaining more useful feedback. Feel free to comment there if you prefer.
I like the intent behind all of these, but I would also like to add that the slicing mat requirements from most of the lower-grade (green & blue at least) items should be REMOVED. It is now not possible to craft basic things (green/blue lightsaber hilts) using a single character unless you spend an enormous amount of credits or jawa junk on slicing mats. I know people can "run alts", but this is one of the things that exacerbates the large cost of crafting in this expansion.