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Why should the developers waste time implementing something that is a) insulting, and b) unnecessary? Just slap all flirt options on the LHS of the dialogue wheel, give everyone all the choices available including three non-flirts, and be done with it. No extra development time needed, significantly less risk of introducing a bunch of new bugs, and the only people who are offended are those who are calling for the gays to be hidden away because they can't even stand the sight of such content. In which case, oh well, life isn't fair and you're in the minority, get over it. Right?
I'd caution you that you are moving away from a game feature and instead talking about social issues. That is not allowed on these boards.

I am strictly talking about a game feature and how it might be implemented. Since BW is spending the time to do this, they might as well do it the way I would be happiest with. I am of course the center of the universe and I should be appeased at every turn

In all seriousness, options make the most sense and putting all those options in a parental control makes even more sense.