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100k is still easy.
you know how much each conquest mission give's?
there are conquest missions that give 200k points thats 4 time's off your personal conquest limit you need to compleet and 2 time's more in the next expension the limit.
and not forget you get also conquest points for completing basic missions and bonus missions.

but to make more a end in this discusion since its become pointless more.
if you play with 1 char then its your choose and then you get less rewards then other players that play on more chars.
so its your own fault in the first place if you wane play on 1 char only and not the other players.
if others play on 15 chars then there get 15x more rewards then you get with 1 char.
Well, my point was that BW doesn't like people switching to alts for CQ.

So they need to give us an alternative that doesn't involve just nerfing CQ.