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On a few characters, sure. But on 20? Not so much. This change just punishes people who have alts.
on 20 chars is it still easy to do.
the trick is to use diffrend conquest missions to compleet then.
for exemple 1 char do's the Yavin 4 daily's and compleets the first and second enemy's killed mission conquest + the daily missions compleet conquest points.
a other go's to GSF or Warzone and gets there the points from.
then you can take a other char to Section X and compleet the daily's and compleet also the first and second enemy's killed.
and take a other to balsaves for heroic's and also compleets the heroic's mission and compleet also some conquest missions for that planet on.
do run some flashpoints with some chars are way's.
if you have chars play some story mission.
and if you cant make it all in 1 day then wait for the reset on the next day and start again with the same daily's and heroic's on the other chars.

and not forget there are always guide's on youtube how to compleet the personal conquest in a few mins and what is the fast way to do it.
the same is going to happen after the next expension that there are guide's comming how to get 100k conquest points easy in a few mins.