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Oh so let's scrap the old post, say the same thing in fewer words, and then have Mr. Boyd comment on story while addressing no other issues despite the time originally spent discussing "quality of life" issues.

I'm so much happier now! /sarcasm

Seriously if this is "all they can reveal" why am I still giving them my money.
Exactly, Keith's second post says nothing more than his first, but just uses less words to say next to nothing.

How is it the Lead Producer can make two posts that essentially between them say NOTHING CONCRETE AT ALL as his first two posts of the New Year; but seeming has no interest in commenting on what has been the single biggest issue since the last content drop - the disastrous state of T11 Crafting?

It is almost like Keith has buried his head in the sand on that issue and is simply hoping if he ignores it for long enough it will go away - which is pretty much par for the course with this game.

I genuinely thought it would be impossible for Keith to be less useful to the community than the last Lead producer - but once again Bioware Austin prove there is no barrel they won't dig the bottom out of to sink to new lows.

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