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Thank you, WolfpackAW, for your efforts.

Most planets are covered already so I only have a few things to add.

-One of the Game Rules codex entries is unobtainable, it's the Combat Ratings one
  • Belsavis:
Mind Trap and The Infinite Empire are obtainable, I have the latter and there's a directions for the former on
  • Tatooine:
Sand Rot; you might want to add that it's consular only to prevent confusions.

  • Ilum: missing codex entries:

Kath Hound
Asharl Panther

Persons of Note

Master Jaeric Kaedan

  • Corellia: missing codex entries:



Liberator of Corellia

Persons of Note

The First Son (Consular only)

If I come across anything else, I'll mention it here. It's pretty amazing though, that some entries are still getting discovered, so hopefully a few entries can be removed from the list in the future.