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03.02.2012 , 03:29 PM | #1033
I'd rather a companions romance is triggered or not by the actions your toon have taken, instead of responding to or just to 'gifts'.

In this, it could be your light/dark side rating, but even that is a bit blah. I'd much rather they responding directly to the story options and how you have responded to them.

/simplistic but story driven
Companion 1
I can't believe you saved the settlers on planet X. My best friend lives there. I want you right now..
Companion 2
You should have let those people all die on Planet X. They treated me like a second class citizen. Don't ever even think about touching me and you know what you can do with that 'gift' right?

Companions are supposed to have back story, with their own wants and desires. They do, which is why we get +- affection with them when they are with us. When it comes to the romance side of things none of that 'back story' counts, none of our story choices count. I don't think that is 'enough'.
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