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Back in before the redirect?

Anyways, back on the topic of companion gifts such as puppies/kittens/tauntauns/poisonous plants/flowers/weird stuff you picked up off the side of the road... I think this would be an awesome addition/way to implement all romances. For that matter, make it so there's maybe romance versions and non-romance ones? Like, there's two puppies I can buy that are identical except one has a romance tag and one doesn't. So I can buy the romance-tagged one for a companion I'm trying to romance, but if, say, my smuggler just wants to get Bowdaar a gift (because Bowie is awesome) then I could get the non-romance one to give to him.

In the case of hero-sexuality, personally I prefer the companions don't react based on gender. As in the ME games (and from what I gather, the DA games), it doesn't matter whether you're DudeShep or FemShep, people react to you as Commander Shepard and your exploits are what matter, not "oh, you're a girl" or "oh, you're a boy." I think the companions should react the same way. After all, no one else in the galaxy treats you differently because you happen to be a female commanding Havoc Squad versus a guy commanding it. It, imo, feels more equal if your gender has less to do with it than your character's personality and deeds.

I'm not even going to touch the toggle argument again...
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